I’ve never talked to a therapist about my problems. How can therapy help me?

If you have tried to deal with trauma or mental health concerns on your own, you are probably looking for answers here because you realize you need help. It takes courage to seek counseling for issues that are impacting your daily life and those around you. We will work together to discover what your strengths are and use that to improve your mental health, your behavioral actions, and emotional state.

Can’t I just talk to a friend or family member to work through my problems?

A licensed therapist has the training and tools to approach your situation in a specific way. You will learn techniques and strategies that will help you gain a new perspective on managing your issues. A therapist listens without judgment, something a friend or family member may not be able to do. More importantly, your therapy is completely confidential. No one needs to know what you’re struggling with while you find solutions to your problems.

What if I just want to take medication to feel better?

Medication alone cannot solve all issues. Sometimes medication is needed in addition to counseling. Our therapy sessions are designed to explore and discuss your problems so you can depend on your strengths to accomplish your personal goals.

What happens in a therapy session?

Every person is unique and so is their treatment. I promise to tailor your therapy to your needs, listen without judgment, and show compassion to provide the therapeutic treatment you need.

How long will I need to be in therapy?

Your situation is unique, so it is difficult to give a general time frame without details. It is important for you determine what your goals are with therapy, what factors are involved that need to be addressed, and be prepared to do the work needed to develop skills to deal with your stresses. Your active participation in the process is critical to getting the most out of your therapy sessions.

What if I just want to take medication to feel better?

Referrals may be necessary if medication is needed. Medication management can be provided through a Psychiatrist or Primary Care.

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